Dr. Heidi Meinke DDS

A Dentist that makes a difference...

I would like to tell you a little about me. At the age of 14 I knew I wanted to become a dentist. I had the most amazing wonderful loving parents (they went to be with the Lord), who encouraged me to do so during high school which seemed to be very boring at the time. I worked in a dental lab to learn how to make teeth and I loved it! I even bought an old belt driven dental tool and asked all of my friends to come over and I would polish and clean their teeth. When it was time to choose which dental school I would go to I decide to go to ORU, because it also focused on the Lord. But after two weeks I got homesick and went back to USC dental school. They were gracious enough to accept me back.
I graduated from the University of Southern California USC with a bachelors degree in biology and a doctorate degree in dentistry in 1984. During my undergraduate degree I performed pioneer research on the Mauther's Cell in the Ethyology department at USC. The basis of my research was published by Dr. Nafpacktitis. A wonderful research experience. During my doctorate degree I took advanced pathology. I received the 1981 Bremnar Award first place which was given by the American Academy of the history of dentistry. The paper was published in April 1983 volume 31 number one bulletin of the history of dentistry. I also received the 1984 USC Morris J Thompson Memorial award for outstanding achievements and removable prosthetics sponsored by the University of Southern California Odontics. Loving what I do... I completed dental school six months ahead of schedule in the clinical wards.
Your Beverly Hills Dentist

I love what I do and my patients are wonderful. They are a part of my life and I have been blessed with loyal and loving patients for many years. My philosophy is to do the best for my patients and I think of their health first and then their cosmetics.

In my free time I volunteer for my church as a Stephen's Minister. It's a wonderful way to give back into see the power of our Lord. And I am a HUGE lover of animals.

I'm also involved in CERT and emergency medical response. I became an EMR and work for the fire department. I have been trained to teach new students and I teach first aide and CPR for the American Red Cross. Lots of wonderful opportunities to serve.

If you need high quality dental care, please give me a call at 310.360.8250 and I would love to be your dentist! We are located at 239 S. La Cienega Blvd, Suite 206 in Beverly Hills.